homemade brown sugar

homemade brown sugar | withloveandcupcakes.com

imagine this scenario: you’re sitting at work, dreaming of the goodness that you are going to bake when you get home. you make a shopping list of all the things you will need, so that you can stop at the store on your way home and get to baking right away. of course, you don’t include your pantry staples on that shopping list, because you know that you already have them. right? wrong! you get home and, to your surprise, you are missing an essential pantry staple: brown sugar. now, you are faced with a choice: you can (a) go allllll the way back to the store to get some brown sugar, or (b) accept that whatever brown sugary yumminess you were planning to bake that night just isn’t meant to be.

has this ever happened to you? well, it happened to me quite recently, and i was pretty disappointed with my options. but wait! it turns out, not all was lost! because i remembered that waayyyyy back a long time ago, joy had said something about being able to make your own brown sugar. so i tried it, and it worked! brown sugar is just white sugar with some molasses mixed in, so as long as you have those two things around (also pantry staples), you are well on your way to perfectly moist, fluffy brown sugar to use in any recipe. problem solved!

homemade brown sugar | withloveandcupcakes.com

homemade brown sugar
yield: 1 cup

perfect brown sugar, without a trip to the store!
adapted from:
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon molasses
  1. put the sugar in a bowl and pour the molasses over it. using a fork, mix the sugar and molasses together - i did this by pressing the molasses into the sugar with the fork, kind of like when you use a fork to mash a banana. just keep working the mixture with your fork until it is completely combined and there are no clumps - this will take a couple of minutes.
  2. that's it! now you have fresh brown sugar to use in any recipe!

homemade brown sugar | withloveandcupcakes.com

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  1. says

    This happens to me all the time (well okay, about everything three months, since that’s how long my supplies of staples usually lasts)! I don’t usually have molasses around, though, either – do you know if it would work to mix maple syrup with sugar? I’ve subbed maple syrup for brown sugar in oatmeal before, but never in baked goods.

    • lisa says

      well, the brown sugar that you buy in the store is white sugar mixed with molasses, so you wouldn’t have true brown sugar without the molasses. and i don’t know if the maple syrup would moisten the sugar the same way molasses does… but you never know. and as far as complete substitutions go, you generally can substitute maple syrup (or honey, or agave, or the like) for other sweeteners – it will just change the flavor a little. and you usually need to add some extra flour to account for the added moisture.

  2. Grossvater says

    This recipe makes LIGHT brown sugar

    For DARK brown sugar it is two Tbsp of molasses to 1 cup of granulated sugar

  3. Amy says

    Oh wow! I never even considered doing this until I saw your post! I have a recipe that I want to make, but I’m out of light brown sugar…I thought I would have to wait until I got my butt over to the store. Thanks so much!!